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About Us

In business since 1987, Amherst Investigations is New York State licensed to practice civil investigative services. Our objective is to offer clients the highest qualtiy performance possible. The investigative techniques used by our trained staff is second to none. By gathering the facts, our investigators are able to come to a logical conclusion of a given situation.

With our extensive background, reconstructing events and collecting evidence is only a partial list of what our experienced investigators can offer. Amherst Investigations specializes in over forty services to accommodate your private and professional needs.

Amherst Investigations provides investigative and security services following strict professional guidelines. Our team strives to do the best job as accurately and effectively as possible. We have a proven track record. reliable staff, experienced expert witnesses. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our professionalism is beyond reproach.

Scott A. Stambach

Scott Stambach is a graduate of Fordham University. Scott is the senior investigator at Amherst Investigations. He has worked in the security and investigative field for fifteen years. Scott is presently a physician assistant in New York state.

Joseph Galone

Mister Galone comes to Amherst Investigations after serving in the United States Air Force. He served six years with USAF - Security Forces. Previous he was with Sears Holding as a loss prevention investigator and cooperate security. He has his criminal justice degree and is trained in Crime Scene Technology.

William J Ingalls

Mister Ingalls came to Amherst Investigations after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelors degree in photography. He has worked in the field for four years doing security and investigation.